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ARIZA – Keep On

ARIZA is Juan Carreno Ariza. And the 24 year old is a talented multi-disciplinarian with roots from Bogotá, Colombia and current residence of Los Angeles. The multi-talented artist is a veteran of sorts, especially when constructing emotive significance of lyrical connection to his audience. Every word of ‘Keep On’ delves into every part of a story for a gal, a guy, and for the lover in all of us. ARIZA stated that the song is one of the more personal singles he’d made. The story of the ‘ups and downs’ of his career, being humbled by this track of progress, and the feelings of turmoil that followed him and bit him at his ankles. It’s a story of hurdles that come about in life and the efforts to improve around these challenges. ‘Keep On’ is a self perpetuated song of promises and energies that comes from within. Maybe that’s why its floral beauty is apparent in this dream-pop goodness that we’d witnesses. Probably.

Czita – Pretty Eyes

“I actually wrote this song 9 years ago,” stated CZITA. “It’s a an evolving pop track, produced by me, about falling for someone unexpected and not knowing what to do with it. The production is pretty simple and organic; straight forward like the lyrics.” When listening to ‘Pretty Eyes’, you’re ‘scared’, not because of CZITA’s presentation. You’re ‘scared’ because the truth hides in that deep dark chest of yours, where you know what the deal is, but you hesitate to let it out into the sun. Ultimately, CZITA knows you. She knows all of us. We all can think of that time when we fell in love and felt ‘icky’ and ‘confused’; just not knowing what to make of this feeling. Work is hard to get done. Hanging with friends become a bit distracting. You just needed ‘the one’ to be near. Of course, it’s a temporary situation, but whether you loath or love that feeling, in hindsight we all can chuckle. CZITA helps us love that feeling once more with her own distinct pop style and we dig this single, lots. You should too.

LYYN – Our Place

Combination of a story of love, diminutively decadent in the future, all while tackling the personal emotional struggles for life – ‘Our Place’ is LYYN’s strongest single yet. The New York City based singer/songwriter pulls off the painful memories and seek deep within the layers of meanings and noise of our lives. She settles inside a vacuum chamber of incandescence and shimmer. Then we dance. We dance like we have cried. With full passion and embrace for the hurt that undulates and vibrates from our core. What now? What can be done after you are naked with no more feelings for the other? We move on. We move on like a boss. LYYN stated: “Nothing ever lasts quite as long as a memory. I want to guide listeners on an intimate tour through my vision of New York, where a simple street corner sets the stage for thrilling romance or crushing heartbreak. It’s bittersweet to witness how quickly favorite spots come and go because they remind me how much we’re capable of changing over time. This song is about the cleansing process of moving on and how finding solace in the sentimental can make you feel human again.” Look for her upcoming debut EP in early 2020.

Vivienne Chi – Hard To Get

Sometimes we think VIVIENNE CHI’s from the future. Or maybe from the past. The Universe seems to fold in ways that we’d never thought before. The mixture of expert construction of pop, and rock, gets your soul tingly in ‘Hard To Get’. And as you realize that you’re suddenly in the calm of outer space, you want more and more from this delightful artist. She traverses many bridges and the tight execution of her songs conjure up flashes of brilliance and succulence, unrivaled. Vivienne stated: “I can’t wait to play festivals this summer – ‘Hard To Get’ is so much fun with the band. I wrote this with the live set in mind, it has a lot of energy.” Indeed it does. The Bristol grown, Londoner, keeps surprising us with songs like ‘Hard To Get’, expanding her reach of skills and aptitude, to bring artisan offerings which we cannot ignore. Vivienne is so much fun, and we hope you can dig her too.

ORKID – Melodrama

Off of her album ‘I Don’t Give A Damn’ (available now), ‘Melodrama’ is the anthem of your week. Love, relationships, hate, forgiveness – wrapped up in a forest full of rough explanations and mis-understanding, ORKID’s single comes with a razor definition of what’s expected from a strong girl who won’t be bullied into anything. She’ll demand it. You’ll give it to her. If you think about it, life is just like ‘Melodrama’ ain’t it? Spurts, bumps, skips, mistakes, but with gentleness in your heart, all things can be figured out with empathy. Like the boy who just can’t be dismissed. Just like the girl who you can’t stop thinking of. We take it back. You’re in trouble. Let’s all just try to have a great week, then shall we?? Twenty-two year old Matilda Melin, from Sweden, is ORKID, and her mature lyrical writing, layered in irony and love, keeps us hooked. Word.


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