Ark Patrol ‘King’ : Pushing the boundaries of his sound. Alt-Electronic world in sight.

Ark Patrol

Ark Patrol is stepping out of his comfort zone and is set to become a driving force in the booming Alternative Electronic world. Following the release of his first single of 2020, ‘Falling From Heaven’, the indie-electronic artist is returning with an even more frenetic single off of his upcoming ‘Geode’ project, ‘King’.

The adventurous composition once again showcases Ark’s impressive – and newly found – range as a vocalist as his distorted voice reverberates alongside the single’s syncopated drum patterns and towering synth lines.

‘King’ is a testament to Ark’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of his sound and our perceptions of electronic music as a whole.

This stereo-filling, constantly moving track, shines as a marvel of what Ark Patrol can do with not only his vocals, but his original production featuring sounds of his own design. When it comes to a DIY artist with an amazingly triumphant backstory, look no further than Ark Patrol.

Brandon Gomez is Ark Patrol. The world is his digital oyster.

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . Tour is over. Thanks Jackson, Otto, Chris, Ryan for spoiling me. Thanks Evan, Hayley, Zane for hanging with me. Thanks Jesse & Maddie for showing me how to do me. Shoutout Dan for being the homie. Evan (Giia) and Harry, it was a pleasure sharing the stage and green rooms with you. I hope we all have an excuse to see each other again soon. Love you guys. . . . To my team, thank you Shak, Rasheed and Austin for believing in me and following my vision. Thank you Lisa for supporting me in my darkest times and being my reason. . . To my listeners, thank you for not caring about how popular I am. Thank you for expressing yourself, by attending these shows or sending messages to me or sharing my music. Keep staying true to your feelings and you can change the world.

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