Arlo Offers Some Sweet Moves In Single ‘Changing’. “Dance till dawn, in a slow and sexy grind.”

Born and bred in Hackney, ARLO brings pop and glamour to our senses every time his productions hit hour ears. After a bit 2018, the East London based artist fires his first salvo of a single ‘Changing’.

The single is a collaboration between ARLO and Chi-town rapper Mick Jenkins, and it is a demonstration of vibes highlighted by ARLO’s unique vocals and the inter-play from Mick’s flow.

“Changing is all about “When You Change But Your Friends Don’t”. I wrote the song with lostboy,” stated ARLO. “There’s so much attitude and bravado in the record. Having Mick jump on the track is a true blessing he killed his verse and bought a whole new energy to the record.”

With heaps of support from the press and the industry, we look forward to more and more from the dynamism displayed by ARLO.



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