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Arlo Parks // Jax Anderson // LOOME // Iris Lune // Scarlet Parke

Arlo Parks – Sophie

Title track ‘Sophie’ from her upcoming EP, makes a statement of understatements, that over arches in drizzling incantations. Brimming with talent, and most importantly, full of stories to tell, Arlo Parks, is the jitters of your calm inequities, sublimely curtailed and embraced for it worth. It’s what the Universe does when you sit in that white room – blank – with your thoughts and thoughts, upon thoughts of this and that. Arlo’s majestic vocals dazzle in suppositions, ousting the authoritarian mischief of your heart-lock box. With influences from Killing Eve’s Jodie Corner, Lily Allen and Amanda Stenberg making and bubbling up to the surface of Arlo’s own extravagance, the single ‘Sophie’ entitles you with golden chains of decadence and indie-folk vibin’ radiance. Since the release of single ‘Cola’, her work has been played on radio (BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Beats1, 6Music, KCRW, triple J, Foundation FM) and in the fave list of Noisey, FADER, Complex, The Face, gal-dem, Independent, Guardian Guide, LOVE Magazine, Wonderland, Vogue, Notion, COLORS, NME, Billboard, etc. And we don’t blame them for getting on the Arlo train, at all. She’s on Transgressive, and her EP will drop November 29th.

Jax Anderson – Scared To Death

Detroit artist Jax Anderson has built a reputation for writing alt-pop anthems that boldly speak to overcoming the forces in the world that try and keep us from loving ourselves and actualizing our full potential. “’Scared to Death’ is about the moment I realized that not everything I was taught as a kid was true, specifically when it comes to my own mortality. I remember sitting at my friend’s house & thinking ‘this is it. this is all that life is. nothing more, nothing less. & that’s okay.’ There’s a certain amount of freedom that comes with knowing that this is all we have.” Coming to terms to a limitation of the resources you’d been given in a lottery of the living, is hard and rarely done earlier in life. Jax wants to make it more clear for all of us to realize such bounty, before it’s too late – in our death beds – looking up and praying for another chance. Let’s live now. Let’s live for the better. Let’s smile more. Let’s love more. Let’s give more. Her debut EP ‘Heal’ as Jax Anderson (formerly Flint Eastwood) drops November 22.

LOOME – Worst Nightmare

“This song is just a story written from the perspective of Don Draper, the lead character from the TV show Mad Men. How his lack of control in all things caused his own eventual misery. A subtle reminder to the ‘yolo’ and ‘carpe diem’ generation that hurting people is ok.” A stroll through a breeze filled summer’s forest of green and lushness, temper the feelings for the one, and the only. It’s not of the other, but knowing of yourself, first. It’s where the launching of knowing what you are, and who you’d want to be in this life. Knowing life of life; for the grandness of appreciation, of such life. Everything comes back to bite. Let’s be that goodness that can be for the good. LOOME’s own gentle zoom of that exact limitation, never is left over from his lyrics. A memorable caress, from the her eyes; a riveting caress from his arms… Don Draper’s of the world ain’t all that’s cracked up to be, eh?

Iris Lune – Screenshot

Ella Joy Meir is Iris Lune. Unpack the layers of vulnerability of you. Crack the cement sidewalks of your dreams so that you know it’s time to break out of that race. An inadvertent benefit, becomes too prevalent, too easy, too replacing of parts of our humanity. In the word’s of the video director, James Rosser Berry, “This video takes on the human struggle to be vulnerable face-to-face. Our phones attempt to connect humanity, but our screen creates a shield to what is happening directly around us.” A lead vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Iris Lune’s absolutely grounded rocket shot to the stars, burst into the scene of the single ‘Screenshot’, and just exposes us to the bitter truth of our day-to-day indulgences. Florence Welch, Bjork, Mitski and Joni Mitchell are influences the artist fires off songs of delight and thought. The queer upstart has netted over a million streams across platforms to date, and has become a local live force, selling out shows in NYC.

Scarlet Parke – Nowhere To Go

“I’ve been called a ‘flight risk’ by people my entire life,” remarked Scarlet Parke. “That was true because until recently, I never felt settled. Lately, though, my entire life and mentality did a 180.” Seattle based pop artist delivers again with the sumptuously decadent vibe that is ready to please. The purposeful pace and orientation of the song, with chiming suggestions and altruistic beats of synth notes, give the single ‘Nowhere To Go’ a sheen of predictable unpredictability in describing love and its everything that entails. Maybe it’s not to be. Maybe the Universe is not for you. And maybe, just maybe, you’re not here to be judged. That’s right. There’s only one way up from here. But it starts with you. And you alone. Tough medicine, but your world will be ever so better for it. “‘Nowhere To Go’ takes you down the path of wandering mind, lost in thought.”


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