Arnie Wrong ‘Heavy on Me’ : The outside, doesn’t exist any longer, and you’re in a transfixed iridium of thoughts.

Arnie Wrong

Debut single of ‘Heavy on Me’ is from the mind and heart of London based (Sweden raised) songwriter/producer, Arnie Wrong. Graceful undulations lay in the tang of the single, with palpitating suggestions of rawness, expound through Arnie’s vocals.

“When I moved to London I instantly felt at home in the underground clubs, as well as in live music venues,” said Arnie. “Watching emerging talent felt really exciting and inspiring!”.

Remembering the dreamy night out, from the night before, the honesty of gentle swaths, wisp into your intimacies with vexing truths.

“You made yourself so hard to love, took what you could and not gave back,”

But you can. If you can dance. And when you’re dancing, self reliantly and self evocatively, your turn of attention turns inwards. The outside, doesn’t exist any longer, and you’re in a transfixed iridium of thoughts.

You’ve been touched by Arnie. Nothing can stop you now.

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For many nights, many nights, many nights I’ve had a party To rise above myself I had to search, had to shake, had to scrape Bottom compartments To find whatever’s left I took a bite off one side And I grew but I never shrunk I didn’t need a shrink I found my way into rooms Where it’s dark and so hard to leave No one was looking for me Can I come over? Dying to see you Take me home from this party Promise I won’t corrupt you with my crimes Pick me up from this party I would much rather watch the morning light With you I revere this town And all its ways to get home at dawn But night after night I’m getting more exhausted just trying To read between the lines That’s the lyrics to my new single. Stream / download Lines from link in bio ✨ 📸 by @alexlambertphoto #lyrics #arniewrong #badlife #newmusic #outnow #altpop #electronicpop #femaleproducer #womeninmusic #femalemusicproducer

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