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Aron D’Alesio – Long Way Gone

Aron D’Alesio, Long Way Gone is an ‘homage’, one can say, to the old and loved tradition of music that artists like Buddy Holly or Bobby Darin used to propagate.

It’s strangely familiar to us, but Aron’s take on it is, at the same time, very attainable. What we mean is that the song is not very far from what we currently enjoy in indie pop/rock, but the song and its DNA, at arms length, keeps one’s ears adjusting to the oldies’ signals.

“Lost opportunities” is what the song is about? Maybe. But to us, the more important part of the song is not what the lyrics and the words portray for Aron, but the delivery is what we love to think about. We can put a claim, that even if the listener does not know anything about Buddy Holly or Bobby Darin or 1950’s rock and roll, he/she will recognize what this song is framing. And we can guess, that is good enough, for the song’s tri-pod legs are strong and will keep that expensive camera standing tall and working safely.

Oh, and the high-hair thing with wax, just goes so well with this song. We won’t be doing this in our office, but will be bobbing our head to to it, for sure.

Aron’s album will officially drop August 25, 2017. But it’s available now at Paper Records.



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