Arther Blue ‘Paper Plane’ : Re-energized as your soul is washed into new heights of new passions.

Arther Blue

Decency and respect falls into the arms of the waiting. A sultry warmth of love and remembrance, dance like candle lights, basking in the glaze of our gazes.

Arther reflects on the collective loss we felt in 2020 and the resiliency that emerged in all of us.

He sings: “I thought I had a fear of going down, but I can take the weight upon me now, on my paper plane.”

Arther’s usual graciousness in work is upped a new level in ‘Paper Plane’ as you hold his hand, while soaring into the blue skies above.

And when in 30,000 feet above it all, you become re-energized as your soul is washed into new heights of new passions and in fact – a new year.

Let’s start again.

Arther Blue is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter with his roots in the high desert of Arizona.


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