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Artio – Hide Them From Me

Artio are a synth pop act from Leeds, UK. Made up of Hol Brazil, Ieuan Jones and Matty Hambling, is a sound that leads you through rich sonic textures and haunting vocals. The 17 year old trio, makes their talents known through their single ‘Hide Them From me’. The hard-rock / nu-metal offering dipped in industrial grit, the single is a stage where Hol’s vocals dance with black as demon heroics and textured freshness to the genre. The soaring bounds, know no bounds, as the song is produced with top shelf accuracy and extravaganza. See the display from the trio next @ Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Leeds UK on October 27th.

Margot Polo – Poison

Southern California based Margot Polo (solo project of David Provenzano), dropped a new EP, ‘OOHYEAHYEAH’. ‘Poison’ comes on the heels of Margot Polo’s latest single, ‘Let’s Get Out’, which opens the 5-song EP. ‘OOHYEAHYEAH’ draws on influences like The Weeknd, Glass Animals, Justin Timberlake, and Miike Snow to deliver a euphoric, blissed-out electro-pop sound that will keep listeners partying straight into autumn. David professed: “These 5 songs are the result of a year of work, with contributions from an amazing team of collaborators, including mixing by the legendary and devilishly handsome Brad Wood , badass backing vox by Becky Filip , mastering by the amazing Troy Glessner , awesome promo visuals by Matt Baca, photography by Jered Scott, and lyrical cowrites by my gal, Shottie. And I of course must give my very special thanks to Christopher John for this mesmerizing artwork and the inspiring vision he has lent to the Margot Polo look over the years..” Team work, eh?

Arthur Kay – Say It Out Loud

We’d said of Arthur Kay’s works as: “Thundercat, James Blake, Sun Ra are some of the edges of music that comes bleeding in and out of this fascination of a song from Arthur. The prevalence of shine and shimmer is always burdened with an inconsequential truths already that exists, but maybe was not easily visible. The tradition of those artists, and ARTHUR KAY, are the binoculars to the realm. A quasi, alternative galaxy where swirls of the nebulae round up your day-to-day wounds, then heals.” The Norway originating artist comes alive with his own methods and genre-less takes on his surrounding and what’s within his mind. Keyboard, reverb, lyrical play, lyrical ambience – there’s not to much not to like about Arthur Kay’s works. Funky, grooving, in all of the right indie ways, the often somber subjects of thought, are filleted into consumable fun-ness which just helps you dance more. You sweat. You forget, the stresses. Ain’t that swell?? Hells yea. Hid self titled EP is out now.

Mo Klé – Free and Honest Man (Live – On A Chair In A Living Room)

This is a new live version of the song ‘Free and Honest Man’. The song and video talks about how sometimes we must leave our loved ones, grow up, make your own experiences before returning as a ‘Free and Honest Man’. Mo Klé aka René Grünenfelder and the Zurich, Switzerland originating singer and songwriter declares sovereignty for his folk framed story telling art pieces, which with ever bated breath, they consume and caress our nervous hearts. Mo is a dynamic and understated man of Ameriana and folk, whom lives for live performances and sings like the world depends on him. The honesty and the myriad of contrasting expressions, amplify via his songs with exuberant vigilance, all a while, taming the beasts that burden such a man of the road, which hid and seek in our listening hearts. The creases of life experienced, shows with empathy and acceptance, in his songs. The vitality to try and try again, is the positive take aways of his messages. See him live next @ Schwarzer Engel, St. Gallen, Switzerland on November 15th.

Gold Spectacles – Origami Lover (Remix by VLO)

VLO offers up his interpretation of Origami Lover’ by Gold Spectacles. The release will coincide with the Hunter’s moon and will be the final song in Gold Spectacles’ full moon series before the release of their self-titled debut album (November 15th). Hailing from the west coast of Norway and citing influence from Laxcity, DROELOE, GEOTHEORY and fellow Norwegians, Lemaitre, VLO (aka Ola Frøyen) is a 22 year old electronic producer who mixes intricate, immersive soundscapes with clear pop sensibilities. With support from Steve Void and Matoma, and a debut EP on the horizon, VLO is set to make you question the barriers between genres.


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