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(Artistic Nudity) VIDEO PREMIERE: Patient Hands Shares ‘At Parting’.

PATIENT HANDS is the solo project of Alex Stooshinoff. Montreal based, the artist deals in ambience, moods, aesthetics and exercises in emotional prevalence. His music is cited in the annuls of thoughts, actions, inactions, haze – a decadent and instinctive reach for the soulful and the damned. And that means he tries to deal with all of us, virtually, regulating his keys and notes, all to glorify the unseen and often unheard.

The project started in 2013 with debut EP ‘Stasis’. And as the colors of vibrance and gray were added to his pallets of artistic expressions, his personal reflections on his own history shimmered into the crevasses of his constructions. Nature sounds, field recording, the Peruvian Amazon, funerals, mother and father.

Now coming to 2019, the journey has been long and Alex has adapted as the world becomes ever more non-binary. With senses extended, and minds exerting massive amounts of energy to keep afloat, PATIENT HANDS’ work in interpreting its environment has just scratched the surface.

We’d first known about PATIENT HANDS and Alex at the tail end of 2017. The single that was featured in CHF was this exact single. Part of a demo to Fat Cat Records, the single immediately inspired. From the lonesome triple notes, humming ever so lovingly in a seemingly vapid atmosphere of knowns and doubts; to Alex’s every prosaic lyrical counter-strike in both aesthetics and reliability – ‘At Parting’ hits a chord that is both ultra-melancholic and features personal-happiness only the survivor can describe.

We’d stated: “Alex is a composer. His work feels different. It feels oddly honest…His intro proudly indicates of his Russian Doukhobor heritage and how his connection to music helps him try to capture the sense of the ‘mystical’ or the ‘otherwise ineffable’”.

“‘At Parting’ concerns the feeling of having lost oneself and awoken in the metaphorical dark,” Alex commented. “It was one of the first tracks written on the album, and in some ways, it best captures what the record is about. Although it was not the plan going in, I decided early on to appear naked in the video. It just became obvious to me that I was risking nothing otherwise, and I couldn’t abide that.”

‘Stoic’ is PATIENT HAND’s debut full length album, released in early 2019. It is a journey through emotional and mental sacrifices, challenges, experiences, and hard to fathom anguishes that have come through Alex’s life so far – but never dictating what he can or cannot accomplish.

‘At Parting’ is a beautifully laid out single with all of Alex’s raw emotions clipped at the end of his sleeves for all to hear. The music video is the accompaniment to the nakedness that you felt in the song – the raw power of being truthful, genuine, and unadulterated towards futures unknown. Inspiring at the core of life, Alex wants us all to see where we stand.

At ground zero, taking deep breaths, to reassert what you really are and what you can become, in the most holy and visceral state of affairs.

“I lost myself somewhere inside me. I was a foreigner; a refugee. But I had nowhere to run to, and nowhere to leave. I couldn’t find love for myself, or anyone else. I became physically ill for at least eleven months. I had a brush with cancer, and I was overcome by emptiness. I tried to get back to who I knew myself to be before the illness by walking the Camino de Santiago. I tried to force a change, but found that I couldn’t.” (Alex regarding ‘Stoic’)

See PATIENT HANDS next on July 20th in Montreal Canada at the 39/40.



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