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Ashe // SG Lewis // Sophia Gripari // Napoleon Gold // Devin Kennedy

Ashe – In Disguise

Ashlyn Willson is behind the project ASHE. The beautifully constructed vibe of ASHE is a testament to Ashlyn’s songwriting skillz and communication expertise. Her electrifying visions from the combination of her vocals and lyrics, jump right out of the pages in ‘In Disguise’. She explained that it is: “about having healthy boundaries with the people around you. I don’t want to make everyone feel suspicious about the people they love, I just know there’s been several people in my life who were seemingly ‘there for me’ when they really just wanted to use me. It’s just another look at the human condition.” See ASHE next live on August 17th in Columbus, OH @ WonderBus Music and Arts Festival. We think she’s a keeper. You’ll think so too.

SG Lewis – DAWN

SG LEWIS’ single ‘Dawn’ is the 3rd and final chapter of the 3 part concept album series ‘Dusk, Dark, Dawn’. Moods and haze, of memories and attentions to a life of now and then – chronicling the callous and the mystical is the combination blatant in these offerings. ‘Dawn’ is of the good, the best, the greatest, the unforgettable. The deck of cards that were sentimental and excoriatingly decadent, carry a place in the hearts of many. Night skies, and warm bodies, cementing all the patterns of a day and night well spent. ‘Dawn’ the EP is 6 singles of decadence featuring collaborative artists like Ruel and Clairo and Honne and Kamille. Stated SG LEWIS: “Dawn is the final phase of the 3-part album I have spent the last 18 months working on. Dawn captures the energy of the end of the night, the intimacy of the quieter moments, and the emotions felt after the energetic highs of Dark. It is a more introspective phase, and is the most personal music I think I have ever released.”

Sophia Gripari – Try Again

SOPHIA GRIPARI brings ‘Try Again’. A song that was written as a promise of ‘finding motivation after a time of disappointment’. Written with SKYWALK (Joona Pietikäinen), the soft and breezy confessions of a person in peril – at the edge – silent – and alone, Sophia brings the hurt and the scars for the disinfectant sunlight to cleanse away the permanence. Of course, it’s not permanent. The world will turn. Life will go on. Death will flourish in life again. Emotional strength is found from deep within, as the protagonist faces the demons, never professing to give in to the outreach of negativity. Supple and enchanting, Sophia’s interpretations in ‘Try Again’ washes over perceptions. Life is never really over with one disappointment, is it? Nope.

Napoleon Gold – Lucid (feat. Jalen Santoy & Madge)

As NAPOLEON GOLD explained ‘Sunset Motel’ (newest LP) is a place “between awake and asleep, between reality and fiction. Most of the time, I’ll go to the Sunset Motel when I think too much and dwell on the past and future, and sometimes when I’m out partying late and ‘forget’ to go sleep. It’s full of memories from my childhood, with traces of music my parents used to listen to at home or in the car (Sade, The Blue Nile, Marvin Gaye).” And in ‘Lucid’, the story telling continues with the sanctuary of r&b and soul that is funky with sultry vocals and delicious synths.

Devin Kennedy – No Worries

DEVIN KENNEDY released his ‘No Worries’. He’s toured North America with James Maslow (Big Time Rush), made appearances at iHeartRadio Music Festival and the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball. “I wrote No Worries about being in the moment with people you love,” Devin stated. “These days, so many of us get lost in the day to day. We tend to focus on money, time, responsibilities, and less and less on each other. When we find real love and happiness, all we need is each other.” The heavy schedule and needed time to express through making new music, doesn’t deter Devin from his promise to himself. The Berkley graduate drives hard with saccharine pop framing, tinged with r&b/soul, and then topped with his own powers of determinance in his lyrics. The pop artist has it going on, and then some. Look for even bigger things from Devin.


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