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Ashleigh Rogers Shares ‘Letting Go’.

The thundering conviction of ASHLEIGH ROGERS’ voice reverberates with infectious ambition in her modern country single ‘Letting Go’. The 26 year old from Batesville, Arkansas deals with life’s small and large stresses, just like anyone else. But her talents as a pop songstress, surely helps her audience understand that they might not be alone.

“‘Letting Go’ was inspired by an unbelievably complicated relationship that I held onto for years,” said Ashleigh. “After the last break up I continued to suppress an angry grudge and even a delusional regret, half wishing that things would have turned out differently. I wrote this song once I had finally reached a point where I could look at the entire situation realistically, and I knew that it wasn’t fair to expect anything from him at all.”

“I decided to embrace the fact that we all have a right to our freedom, and he deserves to be himself and live his life the way he chooses to live it. I also wanted to admit to my own part in the wrongdoings for the first time, rather than point fingers at him, painting him as the villain. My goal was for this message to stay peaceful and honest, and it was something I needed to say to him, as well as to myself.”

CHF had been awaiting a single like this from Ashleigh. Her aromatic classic vocals, thrive in the vacuum of country. The vibe of resistance and independence surge through this latest example, and we surely welcome it with open arms.

Have a look-see at Ashleigh’s body of work.



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