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Ashley Koett – Instant Temptation

Texas-born Coloradan is something of a quadruple threat. She sings, plays guitar, produces, and co-directed her first video without a sweat. Off of her EP ‘Call Me’, her single ‘Instant Tempation’ is that beautiful lunch box your better half made for you for the work day. It gives you feelings of hope, love, and a packet of energy that a person who’s not in love can’t possibly feel. Packed with powerful ingredients of government recommended daily allowance of vitamins, ‘Instant Temptation’ is the gumption that gives you the right yaw. This single marks a change in direction of Ashley’s original style, where she experiments more with electronic instruments and production to craft a niche sound for herself. But confusion is the ocean that we call life. Relationships are barricades of island atolls, dangerous sometimes to approach, but so beautiful not to attempt. It’s the passion that urges. And if the mission is accomplished, that delicious lunch decked out in that cartoon pastel box, will be yours. Let’s do this. Let’s take it for an outing on that island of unpredictability. Let’s eat, what can be. Can’t be that bad, right? Ashley wrote, recorded and produced the song herself, as well as many of the songs off of her upcoming album. Word.

Tourists – Align

Tom said of ‘Align’: “[It] follows the idea of somebody mastering their own inner spirit to command others. We feel this track really reflects our main musical influences – the deep-rooted post-punk element coupled with 80s synth/dark-pop. As we played it more it took on a life of its own, getting heavier with more dynamics, and a dramatic, driving ending.” A blend of melodic, dreamy beach-pop with a darker, more sinister edge, Torquay five-piece Tourists combine elements of shoegaze and 80’s synth-pop with deeper-rooted post-punk influences. After 2 years of hiatus from new released material, the vaunted band takes up arms of audible waves with this almost religiously and reverb-y vibe of sugar coated deliciousness in shimmer and dreams unrequited. Consisting of talents: Jamie Giles, Scott Morton, Matthew White, Lloyd Bastow, and Tom Wilkinson, beauty, in this case, is always in the side of caution. Where neverland is right there when you need it; and reconnecting of your personal virtues doesn’t have to hurt any longer. The maestro has always been you. And you alone. “Things were going well for us a few years back but there was this feeling that we didn’t sound how we wanted to sound. Something was missing…A lot has happened since then and there were times when this looked like it might never happen so it feels good to know that we’re finally getting new music out in the world. We hope it’s worth the wait.”

The Molice – Moving

The Molice is a band with that distinct Japanese indie flavor that doesn’t quit on your tastebuds. ‘Moving’ is the second single by the Molice from their 8th studio release ‘Gate’. Moving from Tokyo to Buffalo, NY in April 2018, with the schedule of touring and recording with their label Good Charamel records, The Molice’s rasping pop-indie is charming to the n’th degree. Formed in 2007 by the charismatic female singer/lyricist/guitarist Rinko and high tension guitarist Yuzuru Takeda, their drummer Hirofumi “Paro” Katsumoto would join in 2015, to finalize the lineup. ‘Moving’ is an anthem that lifts your heart, no matter if you understand Japanese or not. Drawing inspiration from 70’s punk DIY spirit, 80’s new wave stylish power pop, and 90’s unchained indies guitar rock, the band has hammered out their own sound while playing in Tokyo’s numerous rock venues and on tour in North America, Europe and Asia. See this fab band next for Slopfest! @ Buzzbin Art & Music Shop, Canton Ohio November 16th.

Nick Nash – Fortress of Gold

“Third track and title track from my first full length album, just released. [I talk] about walking away from music to do law to give my girls a life I didn’t have growing up.” The Salt Lake City originating (not in Dallas) Americana artist brings breaths of life’s disappointments and strokes of luck, in one linear lines of sounds. And with this most basic of our human skills for communication, ‘Fortress Of Gold’ deduces in light of the harshness, for the investment of future – the future of one then two, then more. Moving away from a thing that he loved to do, and for the family that he’d come to have, brought mixed feeling at that time. But all of the sacrifices have come to fruition as his day-job of being an attorney, brings new angles of happiness for him and his. ‘Fortress Of Gold’ is that dedication to that first step that he an his girl took to get to this day. A dedication that he wears with pride, from morning till night.

Sweet Fever – Escapin’ the Grind

‘Escapin’ the Grind” is the latest single from Sweet Fever off of the sophomore EP, ‘Ale Lounge.’ Yep. It reminds you of a part of your life that you’d always to maintain. The school work, the friends, the girls, the irreverent life we’d all led for a sliver of time. No worries, but of the latest rumors in class, Sweet Fever’s single is that ‘bellbottom’ goodness that we imagine we’d hope we can have again. We can. Through this song that is in the best tradition of 70’s artists like Peter Frampton, Foghat, and ZZ Top, we get to ride in the El Camino and feel the wind in our hair once more. Formed in early 2018 (Nashville), an electrifying chemistry developed between Derrick Wesley (lead vocals, guitar), Jake Kimble (bass, vocals), Nolan Brown (lead guitar, keys, vocals), and Nicholas Amend (drums, percussion, vocals) to bring Sweet Fever to life. In 2019, the band hit the ground running touring the Southeast, including CMA Fest and a performance in NYC as the only USA Finalist for the Hard Rock Cafe international BOTB. Let’s ‘escape’ this grind together, shall we?


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