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Ashley Zarah // HUSK // Kyan Palmer // Sincerity // Torine

Ashley Zarah – CONTROL

Singer/songwriter ASHLEY ZARAH hails from Los Angeles. First generation American, red-haired, freckled, Jewish-Iranian delivers a sultry alt-pop endeavor in ‘Control’. It is full of delicious layers of harmonies that are hypnotizing and refreshing to listen to. The song in substance is about mental illness and it dives right into the realms of confusion and disfunction, even if not showing at the external levels. The rattling of truths bemoan the adulterate existence of a person, a body, and soul that is cast into a self-induced darkness. A tinge of world-music tendencies, the pop single’s heavy subject, is lightly constructed to assure the listener of better times to come. Ashley successfully keeps the seriousness then by the end of the song, makes the listener realize both the harshness and goodness of existing. Existing is lesson learned every minute. Ashley provides some of her own in three.

HUSK – Could You Forgive Me

HUSK is the moniker of artist Alfie Austin. The Manchester UK based singer/songwriter/producer “wanted to capture the feeling when you have an epic crush” with ‘Could You Forgive Me’. New and exciting, having a crush makes life shinier and newer. And with this single, a tint of ‘confusion’ goes along with the buoying feelings of lust and love that being in a crush can exude. HUSK’s location in Manchester means he’s in the comforts and history of the post-punk/EDM heritage that the city assumes. He grew up with the likes of Madonna, Blondie, and Girls Aloud, taking him into places that he’d always wanted.
‘Could You Forgive Me’ is an example of distinct vocals with distinct rhythms that push the boundaries of the listening fan. It’s a satifyingly good pop endeavor that is built for the radio and beyond.

Kyan Palmer – Headcase (with nicopop.)

Arizona-bred, LA-based Kyan Palmer and nicopop.? Heck yes. The duo’s aesthetics and talent for production is top shelf and with that notion, their September full album collaborative effort will be released. In the meantime, we get to enjoy the goodness that Kyan and nicopop. does and does so well. Bop till you drop. That’s what ‘Headcase’ is all about, and with the description for love and infatuation in our lives, we surely can related. Never can really control what goes on in our heads. Can’t control what’s going on in others’ heads. But what we can do, if we care for them, we can love…love like we can really hold their hands in good and bad. For at net, we must be positive to say that life’s too short to be so nit-picky, right? Well, at least that’s what we feel ‘Headcase’ is saying to us. Does that mean CHF is a ‘Headcase’ as well?? Oh baby. Kyan’s vocals is fab as usual, and with nicopop. at his side, 2019, going into 2020 will be ever bigger indeed for the duo.

Sincerity – Say It Out Loud

SINCERITY offers ‘Say It Out Loud’. There’s a rolling breeziness to the single. The business end of the song and chorus is deliberately wet in a shroud of emotions that never contradicts, but does. “Falling in and out of love…” is the vibe or in this case the descriptive powers that are included in this single. It just works. It’s appropriately gigantic, as it is as personal to the listener. Off of their first EP ‘Listen To Noise With’ (available now) the music is poignant, shimmering, and ‘sincere’. The honesty of bringing up our shortcoming as human beings, growing up in this often times foresaken world, is amazing. SINCERITY adds a bit of spice and lush fragrance into the mix, and it’s succulently tasty.

Torine – Irresponsible

Feisty. Strong. Confident. Knowing limits of the heart. TORINE’s single ‘Irresponsible’ is a call out song that gets your hairs to stand with excitement and thorough involvement. The 19 year old Norweigian singer/songwriter talks about love that is now and feeling reckless. But we all have those exact moments of passion that just cannot be ignored. TORINE knows. And we’re consumed by her expansive vocals and the attitude that comes forth. A student of music and performance from age of 4, she has put herself in positions to get her to where she is now. All in the name of building her musical obsession, and the ultimate thrill of sharing her music with the world. Although inspired by stars like Zara Larsson and Astrid S, TORINE works to add something new to the outputs coming out of Scandinavian pop these days. “I try to write vulnerable songs with personal texts, which I hope others can recognize themselves in,” said TORINE. A tall order at any level of this profession. But if anyone can get grip your sensibilities, we think TORINE’s one to watch. ‘Irresponsible’ was co-written with songwriters and artists Alida and Inga, and produced with Daniel Løberg.


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