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ASHRR Shares New Single ‘Sometimes’. “Where Ever We Are, We’re In This Together.”

Rocking into the hemisphere of sound that is ASHRR, we thought to ourselves, “Self. What Universe are we in now?” Then there was no response that could be noted. Our minds were silent. Mostly because we were listening to ‘Sometimes’, and in a lesser degree, we were thinking about thinking.

Then ‘eureka’! A poignant thought came to mind.

“Why don’t we make Grilled Cheese sandwich?”

We all nodded in delight.

As the cheese within the crusty bread compartment, melted away, we listed to ASHRR’s ‘Sometimes’ again. As our bottoms ‘dabbed’ and ‘slide’ into some Bowie kind of dance-off, with our dishes in hand, we put the slices of the goodness into out hearts.

“There is no Universe, without a good grilled cheese sandwich.”

And our ‘thought’ was complete.

ASHRR consists of Steven Davis, Josh Charles, and Ethan Allen. The Talking Head-esque aesthetics of the trio is blatant. But it’s the ‘blatant-ness’ that is the attraction. The decadent, guilt-less amenity of the songs from the band makes it as fun as you can deem it.

Can’t go wrong with that.




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