Así Señor! ‘Better Now’ : Got lots of things to say. Let’s hear him. Dance a little too.

Así Señor!

Off of EP of the same name, ‘Better Now’ starts the dancing early and gives you the license to bop. Up and down, all around, do the mini-hustle, as you hold your better half in your arms. A song of love for love, it’s focus comes about with honesty and heart.

Said Así Señor!: “This is a heavily disco inspired song, utilizing a mix of both live and sampled drums and classic “Bee Gees style” vocal harmonies in the choruses. I played every instrument on the track as well as singing each of the vocal parts. Be sure to stick around for the dance breakdown at the end! Thanks for listening.

Así Señor! is a multi-instrumentalist from Brooklyn, NY. whom cooks up homemade funk/disco/dance tunes – “inspired by anything and everything”.

Así Señor!’s got lots of things to say. Let’s hear him.

Oh and listen to ‘Japantown’ on his EP. Dig.


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