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Assorted Pleasures Helps Us Understand With New Single ‘Blonde’. We’re Succumb.

Assorted Pleasures takes beach rock into another level of fantastical guitars and dream-like actuations of fate in love and what life can become. There’s absurdity and then there’s life’s absurdities. Obviousness and conduction of matching love for one another is plurality in dogged anxieties. ‘Blonde’ is what you see and don’t see.

You have to try to SEE.

What are you doing?

Don’t do it.

Don’t cut your (love) life short.

You deserve more.

“I need you,” Sandrine shouted.

The trio of musicians from Melbourne, Australia displays the musical tact and ultimate Uniqueness in quality of the notes they perceive for the masses. Understated, unaffected, unassuming, up-selling – ‘Blonde’, with its quirky vocal acumens, long guitar intro, and strumming galore – made us notice.

And others should notice their outputs too.

We need this, even more.


The band consists of: Liam Gage, Angus Hough, and Ethan barry.



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