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Astorian – New Life

Astorian’s New Life is a vivacious take on a leading theme. The theme is take a stand, don’t fall apart. But if you do fall apart, reassemble, get better, get stronger. The better steps are ahead of all of us.

It’s a solid attitude to play with, really.

After all, sulking and being down, will definitely be a very heavy, heavy anchor in all those things you want to do.

Even if our assessment of this song’s core message is wrong, we certainly can feel it from the execution of the song and its notes. For they are energetic, positive, and refreshing.

If the song was in a different language, we’d feel that as well.

And when that can happen – when a song can communicate to the person listening – those kinds of sentiments, then it’s done a big part of its job. The song writer, the band members, the singer would attest and agree with that.

Astorian are a four piece indie pop/rock band based in Switzerland.

“Their music is influenced by 90’s Brit Pop melodies and the romanticism of New Wave, citing bands such as Oasis, The Cure, Pixies and The Jesus & Mary Chain as inspirations.”

“The band are currently touring the Night Flight EP in Switzerland and France with plans to bring their emotive live show with striking audio visuals to the UK later in the year. This summer the band is playing in many festivals in their home country.”


‘New Life’ is their single from their EP, of the same name. The EP will drop officially in January 17, 2018.

‘Ovation’ is another very cool song. FYI. =D



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