ASTRINA ‘War’ : A new beginning, just as oak solid as the past.


It comes from the gut when ASTRINA speaks through her music. Wild and honest, the simmering thoughts, bubbling uncontrollably, rancor into view with simple shine and alternative vibes.

“It’s a long story, but to sum it up, another artist was threatening my career as a musician. My brand was just beginning to grow as Daria Black. I was in the middle of releasing my first EP when the artist Dario Black discovered I existed. I think he felt threatened by my similar name and growing recognition, because he used his trademark to have all of my music taken down and my social media accounts suspended. In the end, I had to choose between pausing my momentum to spend tens of thousands of dollars in court defending my rights, or to start fresh with a new name.”
The name of her project changed, but not for just aesthetics, but because of a deeper intrenchment with the meaning of her work.

A new beginning, just as oak solid as the past.

Added ASTRINA: “Writing “War” made me realize that his battle wasn’t worth my time, and I started fresh as ASTRINA. A name is just a name – it’s my music that makes me who I am.”



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