Astro Chicken ‘Song You Might Like’ : Whether in this form or that, the trio with decades pushing out the goods.

Astro Chicken

Barney Miller, Michael (mr. shy) Miller and John Laprade make music that just stirs. Whether in this form or that, the trio with decades pushing out the goods, returns again with ‘Song You Might Like’. Following up the 2019 EP ‘National Detective Agency’, their latest EP ‘Black Balloon’ continues this trek of mixing folk and indie-rock to new stretches of time.

Thick with lyrical poetry, in that most dirty reality, Barney and gang, takes their expert songwriting acumen even further.

A year in the making, EP ‘Black Balloon’ was recorded in NY, LA & London, “this six song piece of faux wax may run only 20 some odd minutes. But those 20 minutes run deep. The lyrics are actually kinda heavy if you pay attention and the music rocks harder than kryptonite”.

Continued Barney: “The melody, harmony & groove will blast you into the stratosphere, baby. It’s like a powerful AM and FM radio signal combined. All spilling out of the 1970’s orange plastic digital alarm clock by your bed. Waking you up. Getting you out of bed. And rocking you. All. Day. Long. Well, for at least 20 some odd minutes.”

You like indie, with that tinge of nostalgia and gravity to the words? You have Astro Chicken to stroke your ego for what you desire.

The NYC based trio in the 90’s and 2000’s releasing 3 albums via Honey Darling and Meaningful Records. It’s time to rediscover and maybe even love what Astro Chicken can offer.

We think you will.

New members Neil Miller and Michael Kenedy, add to the flavor of Astro Chicken.


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