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Astronauts, etc. – Shake It Loose

Astronauts, etc’s Shake It Loose takes us away from it all. Takes our breath away. Takes our quarters in our pants pockets, lines them up on top of each other, on the desk, then BLAM! The quarters are hit and they spread on the carpet below. Scattered – just like our sensibilities and wherewithal, strewn about… nauseatingly smiling.

Can you blame us? Yes. We do have low tolerant constitutions, but this sh*t is something else, right?

The clean guitar, the old “Korg-like” keys, the R&B sexy vibe – just drapes us in heavy silk glistening. And we love it. It’s just so comfortable, stylin’, and just a very good song.

The vocals and the environment sewn, melancholically – but at the same time, authoritatively – takes us on that journey.

We don’t care what the journey is, but we’re just on it. And we dig it.

Will we ever return? Well, just depends if this song will let us. We feel it just won’t. It’s got us by the heart strings.

Did we mention that it “drapes us in heavy silk”?

Yes. Yes we did. We’ll mention it one more time.

And we did.



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