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At Mission Dolores – Tent City Vigilante

We’d reviewed the single ‘When We Were Trashed’ from AT MISSION DOLORES. We’d stated that it as “calm, and delectable, there’s so much this song offers, than initially felt.” And in ‘Tent City Vigilante’ off of their new 8 song LP ‘Cool World’, the world building by the band never quits as it decides in quite a folk sense, wrapped in comfort and excessive irony. Political, social, idealistic, and rampant with the notion that things should matter fairly – the gang in AT MISSION DOLORES cites unbelievable licks and vocal harmonies, to precisely counter some of the under-currents that plague and whither. The psychedelia is clear and solid, as the indie-rock band keeps on bringing sorted hints through their vice like lyrical chords.

Ravi Amruth – CurlyWurly

RAVI AMRUTH’s single ‘CurlyWurly’ is his debut single. The rock offering is structured around the hard guitar and solo. And as Ravi’s lyrics mixes it up with the heavens, the 70’s and 80’s influenced attitudes convulse and populate the air it permeates. Emotions high. Sounding strong. At times feeling like the old feelings of Brit-rock of a prior decade, Ravi’s emphatic commitment to his vocal drive, is amplified in kind by the guitar works. It’s all about attitude, and Ravi’s got something to say. In the heaving undulations of the sea, the hero emerges with a new vigor and purpose. We think that’s what Ravi brings in ‘CurlyWurly’. Reborn.

Guns For Gold – Loaded

Enigmatic, as the breath of the salty ocean breeze, GUNS FOR GOLD is built for a TV series. And surely enough, it was picked up, as the intro to a dramatic story, ‘Loaded’ embarks on a cast of characters, with homage to a grand schema, ravaged with delicious harmonies carrying and delivering. The delicate sophistry, render the shadows of the song, to a higher realm, as the rhythms of penance, linger and linger. The taste coming from the vocals, melancholic but pragmatic, resists the urge to lash out. The controlled emotions, then emit an affable line of textures, hidden in each and every wisp of note. This is the 3rd single from the new EP.

Hold On Till April – Cease Fire

HOLD ON TILL APRIL’s single, ‘Cease Fire’ is “a song about trying to talk a friend out of suicide,” stated AJ Blackwell, the mind behind the project. Catering to a nu-pop rap ensemble, the edges of a heavy subject, is somehow uplifted, with encouragement and profound clarity in the ‘possible’ ridiculousness of his friend’s actions. The positive promise of the single, is draped with loops and synth elements, disguised in ember, which holds those truths to be relevant and insidious. The love for his friend, fires up electrons to convey in music, what couldn’t have been in any other form. Who was this ‘friend’ who deserved such a wake up call? “Though the story behind it was originally me,” said AJ. “I decided to flip the perspective around to make the song more about helping people rather than about suicide and depression. I wanted to have a positive and hopeful message rather than a sad, melodramatic one.” Don’t just a book by its cover. Depth and attitude sometimes hide in unceremonious guises. ‘Cease Fire’ was a declaration. And AJ, keeps it alive, in his own and delicious way.

Pink Milk – Heart of Fire

Gloomy. But never relenting. Effervescent. In its own message. Sticking to the ‘grayness’, as it examines each and every facet of the iota. PINK MILK’s single ‘Heart Of Fire’ is the pension for all of the ill wills, or the future of them. Molded in moody and descriptive guitars, driving the atmospherics in solitude and conditional loves, the single ravages in silence, as we sometimes do in our own personal lives. Based in Sweden, the band relinquishes a part of themselves, to inspire the neck-deep perspirations of angst and the odor of originality. Maria is delicious in her capturing stance, for the love of love, is evident throughout this single. Because there’s nothing that can compare to what she feels about her daughter, the song reflects the confusing enthusiasm and utter devotion, blurred but always present.


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