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At Mission Dolores – When We Were Trashed

AT MISSION DOLORES simply brings solid indie-psyche pop, draped in the fabulous cloak of classic song structures. And in addition to that, a pinch of jazz-rock notes crept in when the guitar weaved along with the musings of the drums. Calm, and delectable, there’s so much this song offers, than initially felt. The song and the band is sorely under-played and under-rated, as the musicians within the band, keeps their talents gripped in tight management and in aura of expertise. Anticipation is what you get when you feel they represent such goodness. It’s the tip of the iceberg, as they say. ‘When We Were Trashed’ is off of their new 8 song LP ‘Cool World’, and it should be in your rotation.

ZINNIA – Lupins

With ZINNIA’s singing, we just want to hold her tight. Well, at least the protagonist in her single ‘Lupins’, an ‘old world’ feel stupefies our senses, as the sharpness of her highs, keep in line with the beautiful expressions in her lyrics – fine and light. What a churning, brooding, and artful storm of colors. ZINNIA is the project of Rachael Cardiello, and it’s a demonstration of what can be done with musical tools at hand. The arrangements are perfect as is the attitude. The sublime turns on the synth, descriptive picks of the electric guitar, vacillating and dancing with outstanding vocals, the single keeps you engaged and awe-struck. Her debut album ‘Sensations in Two Dot’ will drop in 2019.

sweetsoak – stained hands

Off of the 2 track EP ‘stained hands b​/​w bitter sugar’, the single ‘Stained Hands’ is a quaint opposite of the ‘bitter sugar’ single. Well, not fully an contrast to the other, but an interesting single that is, at the base of it, as grinding and guitar driven, but is more demure and delicate in its overall presentation. It’s very interesting. At one glance, both seems similar. But take another look, both are dynamically different. It’s like those vintage holographic stickers – from one side the Unicorn is whinny-ing and on the other it’s winking at ya. Cool stuff all around, what can we say.

Stranger Minds – Break the circle

STRANGER MINDS is a 5 piece band based in indie-rock and emotional descriptions. The mixed nationality of the band members, seems to add many facets of song construction that is unique and un-recognizable. It’s a good thing. ‘Break The Circle’ is an up and down journey, devoid of limitations in genre, as it dips its toes into rock, dream-pop, new-wave, and the psychedelic. To top it off, there is a timing change that is reminiscent of all that makes things even more delicious. Formed in 2016, the alt-rock band keeps it real, while crafting their brand of descriptive rock, flowing. The band consists of: Oisin Mccormack, Alessandro Cimini, Charlie Cope, Alberto Masetto, and Alice Saracini.

geminibitchslap – white roses

Matthew Douglas’ solo project Geminibitchslap sings without a care. The project is all encompassing. The project is all relatable. The project squeezes the juices out of that emotion. The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter fashions deviously eclectic notes in a sequence, delighting and reveling in our smiles. Synth driven and with essential electronica, simplifies his attitudes. The entertainment value of this single ‘White Roses’ is at a critical mass. Fantastical, rapturous, distinct – Matthew’s vocals anchors as it soothes in a way that is utterly fascinating. “Gemini flouted genre convention while defying gender and sexuality stereotypes.” Word. ‘Nuff said.


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