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Atella drops new EP ‘Beacon One’. Oh the humanity!

Sometimes when listening to music, just want to get away. Like to the outer reaches of the Universe, or something to that effect. Maybe that’s why we at CHF dig synth & electronica, here and there. This time, we are in THAT kind of mood and is SO, SO love listening to Atella’s new EP. Why? Well, among the reasons posed in the previous sentence, and that the duo has masterfully combined, and propagated the escalating deliciousness of the vocals, and note.

In some of the notes, you can hear the influence of their normal methods to musical satisfaction, with awesome synth, corresponding love tweets to the atmosphere.

Guests include Norwegian pop star AURORA on ‘Ascension’, fab London flavor-maker JVCE on the classic electro-funk of ‘Nothing’, and Katrine Stenbekk on ‘Alive’. The EP closes with the lengthy introspection of thoughts of behemoth undertakings, ‘Transition’.

Oh yea. Glorious it certainly is – which brings out that slow sway-dancing pants, but you take them off like there’s no tomorrow, then into bed with your special someone, making love like your life depended on it.

“Hidden in the vast blanket of stars, our Beacon One calls for you. And the beacon carries a message..Close to the horizon, the Beacon has picked up a colorful glimpse of light. A new hope, a new guideline…uncertainties creates a fiery rush. The rush that keeps us alive. Climb on!” – Atella

Well, at least that’s the feels.

Don’t get us wrong, this EP (much like rest of Atella’s previous works) is a dance collection and part synth-wave extravaganza.

But we felt this is something different. It added another slice of music attentiveness from the Duo, taking it another level – if we want to be a bit cliché.

Relevant, none the less.

Anywho, they’re all fab.

Kudos, Magnus/Johannes. Kudos.

FYI. As a note, we listened to this on while watching the video replay of the launching of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy test launch. What a trip.

They’re rep’ed by Eskimo Records, out of Belgium.



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