Athena Kay ‘Utopian Dream’ : Gleans into the vastness in small turns of emotion and wealth of heart.

Athena Kay

London based artist Athena Kay brings single ‘Utopian Dream’.

“The track is about the dream that is more and more occurring nowadays, where people are reaching out for better things in life caught up by superficial reality,” said Athena. “Running in a wheel of world’s pace and letting their life pass people forget about real happiness and its value. It is to mention that this song is a reflection of what has been happening lately in the world of 2020 giving a hope that people will start focusing on each other instead of being drawn by their concerns of individual success.”

A singer, songwriter and producer who crafts spacious downtempo pop with hints of cinematic imagery and soulful melodies, Athena Kay grew up in a musical family to Russian and Greek parents. She was classically trained from the age of 6 in Russia and then moved to Greece in her teenage years pursuing a music career as a singer.

Being one of the youngest participants of the Song Festival of Thessaloniki (Greece), Athena performed to an audience of 13,000 people when she was 17 years old and since then worked with multiple musicians, artists and bands as a singer. After a long period of singing professionally in Greece, she left to study in London with an intention to pursue her career as a songwriter.

Outer covers of skin divine, repelling signals of heart wrenched. Never developed enough for happiness. Never fulfilled for the sadness at hand.

Cherub vocals, singe the coating of self awareness. Athena, gleans into the vastness in small turns of emotion and wealth of heart.


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