Atlas Castle x Nurse ‘The Drug In Me Is You’ : Certain vision of aesthetics brought this project to life.

Atlas Castle

Atlas Castle is a solo project of a French native musician, composer and electronic music producer, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With invigorating and nostalgic ambient trance flavor, Atlas Castle delivers a wider sense of what could be in ‘The Drug In Me Is You’.

“Seven months ago I had the privilege of meeting Genny (Nurse) on Instagram,” said Atlas Castle. “What I enjoyed the most about her was her energy and her way of interacting on the gram. Other than being an awesome soul and a friend, Nurse is also a very talented producer. When the track start you can hear Nurse opening the door and jumping on the ride.”

Long sleepless nights, skills and a certain vision of aesthetics brought this project to life with the idea to create a musical base throughout which he could play whatever he would feel like, without any boundaries.


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