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Atlas Franklin Alexander Shares ‘Sonder’ (Official Video). “

ATLAS FRANKLIN ALEXANDER drops a hand-grenade in spine chillingly suspenseful single in ‘Sonder’. The irrevocable assurances of life and death, revert to its out pouring nascence, droning and begrudging, with eyes wide open and a feeling of unwarranted thirst for glory in destruction.

‘Sonder’ brings mystery to a story of passion in the story of an avant-garde aesthetic, in both the music and of video. It entails juxtapositions of grandeur, piety, insolence, magnanimous improprieties – all sullied into a package of longing, lust, and an impregnable shield in the one truth.

His truth.

Within the video (directed by Paris based collective Bardos), Atlas plays the character ‘Alaska’. And in ‘Alaska’, burns with white hot emphasis and duty for saving man kind, by using his powers to ‘save the Earth’ by ‘shape shifting men into women’.

Born out of Atlas’ frustrations of the current state of human affairs, within the video and in fact of the single, calls upon us all to see where we lie. The place that we make our lives, is in desperate need of gaining a different perspective, and he sees it to be an urgency, never felt stronger.

The surreal and haunting video springboards off of the vibrant AND dark array of Atlas’ vocals, delineating none of the forsaken parodies of life, but laying them on the floor for examination and self reflection.

His truth, to be.

“The word ‘sonder’ basically means that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and as complex as your own,” stated Atlas of the single. “I wrote it looking through the eyes of someone who sees the bigger picture and has an appreciation that we are all connected in one way or another. I swear I feel like I’m actually going crazy sometimes seeing how shitty we treat each other, animals and our planet…”

He continues to do it his own way, telling the stories that he deems suitable.

Stories that exist to crash the normalcy, of his truth.

Atlas’ new upcoming debut record is scheduled for later this year.



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