ÄTNA ‘Made By Desire’ : Throws of arrows – whether in lust or careful philosophies.

ÄTNA / Photo: Josefine Schulz

Sometimes we love so much, we try to run away. That’s what happens with songs and artists sometimes. At least for us. An example of that odd phenomenon is when ÄTNA works their magic on our office sitting sensibilities.

In ‘Made By Desire’, the paricular attraction is the notion of how vibrant each segment of chapter in the song shimmers, without trying to be so pretentious. It’s something that is of greatness that is obvious. It’s the beautiful girl in your class whom you want to push away, just because you wanted her so.

Another thing that is made clear is of how tight and luminous the production of ÄTNA’s songs have been. And we think that’s one of the big things that attracts us to this duo from Germany.

Inéz and Demian Kappenstein make up this delicate but fabulously glowing musical project. And within it, they have constructed a room filled with gold and silver. The ultra polished aspects of the offerings, are curt and significant, where throws of arrows – whether in lust or careful philosophies – ingratiate your listening personas with pop fairy dust and more.

To quote ourselves: “It’s that good.”

We agree. Again.


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