Attawalpa ‘Done Hanging On’ : Dowsed in the sanity of vibes and colored hues.


Alex Gamsu Jenkins and Joe Taylor brings the folksy and rockin’ subtleties of ‘Done Hanging On’. The duo together are Attawalpa.

Said the band: “Visually, I wanted something in between Duncan Trussel’s fantastic Midnight Gospel and the episode of The Simpsons where Homer eats the psychedelic chilli and Johnny Cash guides him through his trip as a coyote. ‘The Mysterious VoyageOf Homer’. I feel Joe and Alex are so talented and incredible to work with, whenever I speak to them I feel like we are Gods in our temple making worlds.”

Timeless grooves, with the exact danceability, gather dust of prosperity in the folds of this delight.

The happy go lucky, goodness, dowsed in the sanity of vibes and colored hues.


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