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Aubrey Haddard Shares ‘Blue Part’. “It Glows. It Shines.”

AUBREY HADDARD is a small force of nature. Why do we say this? Just listen to this fabulous single ‘Blue Part’ and we think you will be able to hear the hidden gorgeousness. It glistens in pure ecstasy and just shines on us, listeners, like the halo from the Sun.

The sultry but battering vocals of Aubrey is enough to make us become a red colored balloon, being filled with the juices of goodness in a backyard party – so that everyone can enjoy the burst of the enlightenment within.

It glows.

It shines.

It is circumspect of the near and the unforgivable.

The softness of ‘Blue Part’ is a contradiction, of flavors and wrangling premonitions. It drives home that part of the environmental digestion, fortifying constitutions, and belching out the gold that is this single.

We think Aubrey should be on your short list of artist, and rotating in your device of choice all the time. The mix of R&B and blues makes this something special, in our minds. Aubrey’s got some things to tell you about and you should listen.




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