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Aubrey Haddard Shares ‘What I Need Now’. You Think We’re High On Aubrey? Heck Yes. More Please!

We are head over heels into AUBREY HADDARD, for sure. Might be a thing that we won’t be able to shake for a long while. This single ‘What I Need Now’ is another example of how cool the construction of what Aubrey does, just pops out of the page.

And when listening to her latest LP ‘Blue Part’, it’s quickly apparent that, we at CHF, just simply became enamored with her guitar wit, smart lyrics and her blues prowess which we hadn’t been as excited since our first dig into Susan Tedeschi’s works.

Listen to Aubrey’s ‘Charley’ or ‘I Should Know Better’, and you’ll know what we mean.

Of course she’s not Susan Tedeschi (who occupies a league her own), but the similar attitude can be experienced – bit subtle – but just as enjoyable. You (as we have) become squealing cheerleaders quickly and unassumingly. It’s just a tremendous compliment, we think.

So, as we’d reviewed her title single ‘Blue Part’, Aubrey’s got loads of talent, and the chops to chop your inhibitions to pieces while listening to her live.

Homework: If you’re in Boston, see her perform. And if you’re not, take a gander at her works. They are worth it, and then some.

Kudos, Aubrey. Kudos.



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