Aubrey Haddard ‘Sweeter The Honey’ : Makes quick hay of good vibes and good feelz.

Aubrey Haddard

Brooklyn singer/songwriter Aubrey Haddard makes quick hay of good vibes and good feelz with her single ‘Sweeter The Honey’. Another layer of talent and energy,

Said Aubrey: “It’s a warning, but almost like a siren’s song, entices the listener with the music while bringing them to trial with the message. A testament to female resilience and its double edged sword.”


But if you know Aubrey’s work, there’s truth to this song and it’s message.

The video is the idea that “things are not as they seem, almost distraction from the underlying warning. kind of like “come, see my fruit? Have some. It might be poisonous. I might be too.”

Experience Aubrey.


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