Aubrey Haddard ‘Thin Line’ : Shimmer seems to be a natural experimentation for the artist.

Aubrey Haddard / Photo: Andy Zalkin

‘Thin Line’ is the first single of several to be released in 2020, and first release since 2018. Aubrey pivots to a fresh, indie pop sound with a chorus of synths this time around. The Brooklyn based singer/songwriter embarks on a different style, but offers the same bold exclamation points that impressed so many in her pervious years. From a drenched alt-blues pop sound, to the indie-pop/synth shimmer seems to be a natural experimentation for the artist.

Described by NPR as having a “nascent star power”, Haddard’s powerful, gutsy roar, and whip smart songwriting reference the most soulful indie songwriters, from the hopeless romanticism of Jeff Buckley to the mystic pixiness of Kate Bush.

The sultry but battering vocals of Aubrey is enough to make us become a red colored balloon, being filled with the juices of goodness in a backyard party – so that everyone can enjoy the burst of the enlightenment within.


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