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Audego // Kerchief // Patrick Damphier // Saga Back // Retro Kid & BRN

Satellite June

Audego – Ode to Self

Beautiful and rhythmic vocals. That’s what this exercise of ecstasy is all about. Award-winning electronic duo Audego (Aroly Tariq & Pasobionic) makes you break into a warm feeling of contentment, draped in Aroly’s vocals, harmonies, samples, synth, percussion. The mind reels as the trance like dance begins to take hold. From award winning offerings, to consistently gorgeous selections in musical grace, the duo makes it happen and we all should be there to greet those diabolically cool hymns. Dig it.

Kerchief – Evil Parts

Artisanal attitude is something that is inherent in KERCHIEF’s ‘Evil Parts’. The reliant passive-aggressive lyrical exercise, hits you in the chin, nearly knocking you out at the sound of that sweet guitar rhythm. Taken from the upcoming sophomore LP ‘Fluke’, the trio made up of Britt, Tommy, and Trevor casts a wide net of that aforementioned attitude that we dig so much. “Oh, it’s not them. It’s you.” And when ‘Evil Parts’ gets ahold of your sweet jewels, you’re days are numbered. Just sayin’.

Patrick Damphier – Be My Jury (featuring Richard Swift & Jessica Lea Mayfield)

With a hint of that shimmering synth, tapping the corner of that party room of ‘Be My Jury’, the beautiful single of un-tainted innocence and platitudes, riotously chill our senses with love and the lovable. PATRICK DAMPHIER’s new LP ‘Say I’m Pretty’ is a 10 track collection, and from the get go, the pop-guitar journey takes your hand and shows you what you had been missing. Patrick’s vocals touches where it hurts, and salvages your weakened soul, with that gaze of encouragement and relevance. He cares. Now, you will too.

Saga Back – Cry

Soulful. Powerful. Longing. Independent. SAGA BACK is a 20 year old artist from Gothenburg. And she accepts the tragedies and challenges of life’s little parts. But taking the results without seeking out the ‘why’ of those darker moments, is a non-starter. Lyrically, deep and aromatic, she pungently sifts through the embers of the heart and delegates to a beautiful, gentle crescendo. “The idea for this song came from watching a video about volcanoes where someone said that eruptions are horrifying but at the same time really beautiful,” said SAGA BACK. “I think it’s a beautiful description of what happens to you when you go through something. That you fall apart and break completely but at the same time you change and it’s almost as if you recreate yourself.” Lovely.

Retro Kid & BRN – Roots (Part I)

RETRO KID & BRN brings a joint collaborative project named ‘Bodega Life’. And within, ‘Roots (Part I) hangs high and thick in the air. As the single delivers drum and bass antics, to spur on the new-wave electro phantasm through the decadent beats and glorious lyrics. The harmonies just dive into the caves of life’s secrets as the song transforms from beginning then middle, as the dance inducing attitudes warp then wrap your senses. BRN’s spoken word presentation is to beautiful, as the delicious monotone exhibition, triumphs through the noise of our individual brains, penetrating with acknowledgement. The single is about friendships, the importance of it, and the perspective in keeping life at a digestible distance – all with the ones you care about. Word.


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