Audio Dope ‘Bogatyr Ridge’ : Tantric obituaries of non-conforming visions of light and sound.

Audio Dope

Off of the latest album ‘Superlunary’, the single ‘Bogatyr Ridge’ relives lives of decades past, surging with tantric obituaries of non-conforming visions of light and sound. A wall of deliberate capacities in beats, pound ever gently into our cortex of mind, heart, soul.

Audio Dope began his musical voyage crafting old-fashioned beats inspired by late 90’s hip-hop tracks. Subsequently discovering his passion for wider instrumentals, he carved out a unique musical vision, genre-hopping between trip-hop, down-tempo, electronica and lo-fi hip-hop.

Releasing his debut EP ‘Solar’ in November 2015, Audio Dope made a name for himself featuring across Indie Shuffle, HillyDilly, Earmilk and receiving UK radio coverage from the BBC. In February 2018 Audio Dope released his eponymous debut-album on Majestic Casual Records, followed by the EP ‘Preserved’ in the same year. With his new releases, Audio Dope gained millions of listeners and streams around the world.

Supporting world-class acts including Kaytranada, Maribou State and Odesza, the producer has also constructed a strong live portfolio, playing various festivals: Montreux Jazz, Zürich Openair and Openair Frauenfeld. Initially touring as a solo live act, he now performs with band elements, contributing further to his multifarious and progressive sound.


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