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Audrey // Erina // The Nocturnal Broadcast // Earthquake Lights // Nena Anderson

Audrey – Watch Me Go

In the best tradition of 80’s like sonic expeditions, the rock n’ roll spirit is strong in this Hull, UK based band. The sophistication of guitar and song construction is classic, hit it till it bleeds, lick that whip you into shape. Your foggy notions of rock, is restored with plenty of electricity, in this single ‘Watch Me go’. The energy that comes trough in the studio performance is wild and it’s something that should be held tight, and never let go, if you can help it. AUDREY started with core members Tom Small and Josh Darby. Their EP is out now.

Erina – Run

ERINA is a band that is just close to an outer-bodied experience. Framed upon the delicious chassis of jazz and horns, Jessica Branch reaches out to our humanity with her beautiful vocals. And where upon all of it dances about along Nick Rawson, Erik Gordon, Aaron Wolfe, and Ninee Wolfe’s suggestions of the surreal, ‘Run’ is a celebratory block party for the senses. And we shouldn’t miss it. Don’t miss ERINA.

The Nocturnal Broadcast – Silicon God

With the contemplative and resolute guitar driven sounds of THE NOCTURNAL BROADCAST’s single ‘Silicon God’, we’re whisked away to a place in the high hills of olden grass lands, with singing robins, and decadent intuitions of living philosophies. From harmonies that drive you mad with contentment, it’s easy to make certain not to miss this psyche-prog-rock fair. The band is quite a treat. “This song is an examination of and exasperation with the ways in which we distract and sedate ourselves.” – The Nocturnal Broadcast. Word.

Earthquake Lights – Choke ’em Up

EARTHQUAKE LIGHTS consists of: Myles Rodenhouse, Cameron Underhill, Evan Douaihy, James DiGirolamo, and Stephen Helms. And what they do within the band is (1) crank up the amp volume, (2) crank up the hedonism, and (3) multiply the former two by 10. Of course the pursuit of pleasure is in the notes. And the notes in this classic rock ensemble is as good as you’d like. After all, things aren’t handed to you in life. Get into this New York City band, and it’ll treat you good.

Nena Anderson – Another Long Goodbye

NENA ANDERSON’s ‘Another Long Goodbye’ is that look into that kid that used to you. Couple that with the kitten emotions of hearts that wanted to just love for love sake. “My sound is a bit Emmylou Harris meets The Pretenders,” says Anderson, “I strive to strike an emotional connection with honesty and songs about love, life, and loss. Capturing the band live has a timeless, energetic feeling to it.” Her latest EP “Lonesome Nights” her upcoming full length album will drop in 2019.


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