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Augustine // City Park // Sophia Boro // The Prairie States // Sami Simon

Augustine – A Scent of Lily

We’d called AUGUSTINE fabulous and stated that we were “awe-struck” and every time struck by his “uniqueness”. Having been praised for his single “Luzon’, we didn’t think he’d come up with a song that was equal or better. We were wrong. ‘A Scent Of Lily’ is another ‘awe’ inspiringly pop and alternative endeavor that takes you apart into particles and reconstructs you back better than ever. The falsetto goodness of AUGUSTINE’s vocals in this chorus, is, as it was in ‘Luzon’, a pure decadent premonition for that glimpse of musical heaven. Distinct, interesting, palpable – ‘A Scent Of Lily’ represents all that is good when human ingenuity in music, just propels into the stars. So good. So good, indeed.

City Park – Nights Never End

“While ‘Symbolic Love’ talked about first dates and the teasing surrounding that,” said CITY PARK, “this song is about the flirtatious nights outside bars and cafés when you don’t want to say goodbye.” With pulsing beats and guitar that caresses, the funky-disco offering gives a beautifully laid out plan for love’s conquest and revelations. Relative in mind and never defeated, the project has been on a roll with absolute singles of sultry expertise, all tinged in the light of gorgeous rays of sunshine and positivity. ‘Nights Never End’ continues that trend as you just can’t help but bop to it’s aura.

Sophia Boro – I Figure Now

SOPHIA BORO is beautiful. She really is. Her music, her sensibilities, her talent, her vision – the native of Nebraska, and resident of the ‘Nashville’ music, she encompasses many of the traits that takes us on a joy ride in our minds. Her songs evoke realities in story, and as they develop with hymns and drizzles of wise anecdotes, you’re ultimately swept away by her genuine vocal affections and delivery. Sophia’s body of works are hidden gems that is as valuable as the shiny golden rocks under ground. Mixing multiple genres, from funk, psyche, pop, and Alt-Americana, Sophia inject r&b/soul elements that melt and caress with every word she speaks through her songs. Whether love, lust, hate, confusion, Sophia’s unique pallet of spoken words lay the foundation for a take over. She wins before the battle has begun. Sophia is beautiful. See her next at Musicians Corner in Nashville June 22nd.

The Prairie States – Lies & Cigarettes

60’s soul, 70’s rock that just kicks butt. That’s what THE PRAIRIE STATES is all about. A good time, with the peaks of a band that gets you excited and in that stadium mode all through the night. Have that next drink and let’s all fall in love. That good ol’ rock n’ roll love, that is! Singer Mat Cardinal head into the future with his bandmates with a relentless attention to soul and fun throughout Edmonton Alberta. The band of rockers are led by guitarist Jeff Dick with clarity and a love for music. A clear and crystal shot across the bow of the music scene, the band kicks it to high gear with ‘Lies & Cigarettes’ and there’s just no stopping them. You want a good time?? You have THE PRAIRIE STATES at your service.

Sami Simon – The Dreams We Had

“I started writing this song on a trip through Scandinavia and wanted to capture the twisted feeling of hope and heartache when you decide to move on by the cost of leaving something substantial behind. Like a love that has withered over time and has become painfully cold, while you still have those beautiful memories. So the song is about leaving and moving on, but preserving what once has been so dear.” Based in Berlin, Germany, Sami’s delightful take on life and its quirks are written down through his music to make us smile and embrace. ‘The Dreams We Had’ invokes a parody of the goings on of life, drenched in the charm of Sami’s voice and guitar strums. ‘The Dreams We Had’ is “a song so sunny, charming and down-to-earth, it must instantly become your favorite soundtrack for summer.” Instant, it shall be.


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