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Augustyn // Kirby Forest // Depraved Prophets // Solo Sammy // Dubbygotbars

Augustyn – One Honda

We love Hondas. They’re reliable, good for value, and not bad resale value too. But depending on your angle in life, it is a car that means the world to you. It sure was for us. Let’s get in and let’s relate. We are regular folks doing the best we can. Let’s enjoy the night. Get in. The air freshener makes your life better.

Kirby Forest – Wurld

London born/raised KIRBY FOREST takes it up a notch, with his battle hardened rhymes and sonically sweet hooks. The artist moved to Atlanta GA, and has been moving towards this point, since his 10 year old mind discovered hiphop.
“I practiced my flow by rapping on other artists’ tracks, and in order to get views, I named the videos stuff like ‘official song’ and ‘official instrumental’. I mean, it worked, I got views. Some people got mad, but a lot of people actually gave me great, constructive feedback”. Word Kirby, word. Go get it.

Depraved Prophets – Tough Guy

DEPRAVED PROPHETS’ ‘Tough Guy’ is more brilliant than you think. Get away from the initial shock, the lyrical work and the combination of rap and rock, makes it quite delectable. The oddity and the staggered presentation presents the kind of honesty we definitely can appreciate. The guitar on this single, is becoming and is a hook all in itself. The intensity is there to grab. Listen. Appreciate it.

Solo Sammy – Don’t Come Close

Talented 22 year old artist from Atlanta, GA comes at us with ‘Don’t Come Close’, a drizzle of reality within fantasies framed in indie, avant-guard. The lyrics on top of the layers of rain drops, makes it tempered but hot in emotional substance.

Dubbygotbars – Young Rice

‘Young Rice’ emotionally dips deep into the thoughts and convictions for young athletes trying to reach greatness in their game. Statistically, it is against the football player from reaching the collegiate and/or pro levels. But they stride on, because it’s about passion and what you’re hungry about. The story continues as the protagonist “lives at home with his severely ill mother who he takes care of between football and school. This is the story that shows his will to overcome tragedy in a moments notice to ensure his future.” This song is based on true events and shows the lines that can be crossed.


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