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Aunt Margaux // Declan Carrier // Banfi // Delafaye // Shane Leonard

Aunt Margaux – Saint Frances

Maturation in song writing is what we hear in this particular shimmer of AUNT MARGAUX’s single ‘Saint Frances’. It’s ripe with heavy frames, delicately matched with announcements, and lovingly sculpted. Touch of 60’s psyche, dashed with r&b tones, both heavily caressed by AM’s beautiful baritone vocals makes this a trip of a trip, inside a dreamlike fascination. Originating from Canterbury, Kent (UK), AUNT MARGAUX makes textures, as deep as the Mariana Trench, with a promise of never letting go. Conflicts and confusion, swinging from here to fro, rhythmic secessions, to the beckoning withdrawal and wait. “Why aren’t you here with me? You should be…” Intimacy explored, from her within – outreach with no expectations.

Declan Carrier – Way You Move

If Robby Williams or Elton John did it another way. Another way to make things even ‘funner’ than he ever could. DECALN CARRIER makes things just fun. ‘Way You Move’ has no declaration on anything pretentious. It just wants you to have that good time, and tackle the world together. Because when two become one, the world can be tackled in ways that we’d never imagined. The positive and the negatives, balance out as Declan sings for us, and the world. Don’t you just want to dance in the middle of a rubber necking traffic filled highway?!? Yep. Thought so. Us too.

Banfi – The furniture song

This is just a fabulous single. And when you listen to it with the video, you get this combination of some great entertainment. BANFI is an indie three-piece and this new video for ‘The Furniture Song’ is grand. The first single off of the upcoming EP ‘Travel Bands’ (out later this year), the funky grooves added to the touch of pop orientation, makes it irresistible to the dancer in you. Directed by Niall Trask (Pumarosa, Fat White Family) he stated: “We felt the style matched the playfulness and quirkiness of the song and lyrics in particular, so we included them too. We also wanted to film something where we live and that would connect our music to a place.”

Delafaye – Godspeed

Andrew Shockley is DELAFAYE. We’d first gotten to know his works last August, and we’d been enamored with his outputs. And as you listen to his lastest single ‘Godspeed’ you can just feel what makes his work so distinctive. We await with bated breath, as the chords just smoothly chime across the ponds of our minds, like skipping pebbles. Said Andrew: “[‘Godspeed’] is simply about a man leaving everything he loves behind to chase his dream of exploring space. It could be a selfish act because he gets to leave all of earths troubles behind, hence “the air down here is killing me… He can’t wait to leave…” Don’t we all feel like doing that sometimes?? Word. Look out for DELAFAYE’s debut album in fall this year.

Shane Leonard – Empire Builder

Eau Claire, WI native SHANE LEONARD is a wordsmith with a heart of gold. His jazzy but deeply folk laid lyrical offering of ‘Empire Builder’ is such a delight. Like the best traditions of artists like Tom Petty, Shane takes his stories – his personal stories – and makes it the world’s to own. You can’t help but cheer for the protagonists of his songs. And when you’re on that train to nowhere or somewhere, that’s all that matters. At the moment, you’re alright with the movements of this ride. Shane makes things alright. He’s your biggest fan, and for all the things you can achieve. Shane’s upcoming solo album ‘Strange Forms’ will drop this year.


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