Aunty Social ‘Cortex’ : She’s cool. Her music is cool. And now you’re cooler for listening.

Aunty Social

‘Cortex’ from her debut EP, ‘The Day My Brain Broke’ (out now). Aunty Social is the project of Daniela Gitto. And in the latest single from the bedroom pop artist, continues her fabulous uniqueness and journey into that vastness she always provide.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Daniela said: “I decided to imagine the person who caused a lot of trauma in my life as the fictional enemy of Crash Bandicoot named Cortex. When I was a child, I was so encompassed by the game that I would imagine all my peers as characters from the video game. My best friend would be imagined as CoCo Bandicoot and anyone that did me harm would be Cortex. The song is bright and uplifting so I decided to challenge that by masking the negative subject matter with childlike innocence.”

Daniela’s path to writing is a soul healing path to existence. Might not get there fully, but there MUST be a start to that end. And from past insecurities and mental hardships, she defines again for herself, where and how she will live in this life.

She’s cool. Her music is cool. And now you’re cooler for listening.

Get in.

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Reclining into the new year

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