Aunty Social ‘Trying’ (Porches Remix) : Aunty Social is a drug you want in your cabinet of urges.

Aunty Social / Photo: @sinaalqamar

Aunty Social is the project of gorgeously talented pop artist, Daniela Gitto. The original, along with its amazing DIY music video, reflects on Daniela’s religious upbringing and the emotional turmoil she felt separating herself from it. Daniela explains about the remix:

“Porches brought a completely fresh identity to my song while also keeping its authenticity, I’ve grown so attached to this version that I almost forgot about the original. I am so grateful to have my name beside his.” The track is the second of several remixes off her 2020 debut EP, The Day My Brain Broke.

The first was a mix by FaltyDL of her single, ‘Cortex’ and the upcoming remixes will include new versions of other EP tracks by FWAR and jennylee of Warpaint.

Daniela’s music is something that you just not want to admit to. You just don’t want to say that you ‘like’ or ‘love’ her music. And that’s because, if you admit to that, then you, in a sense is admitting that ‘others’ like it as well. Then you’d have to share Daniela’s music, for your ‘selfishness’, deep down, just don’t want to.

Aunty Social is a drug you want in your cabinet of urges. A pleasure that explains pain, and calms with incredible excitement.

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I want to be Eves understudy

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