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Aunty Social Shares ‘Trying’. “Don’t wanna…but you haveta…because you wanna.”

AUNTY SOCIAL is the project of Daniela Gitto. And in the latest single from the 24 year old bedroom pop artist, you get the feeling that you are in for a treat.

And why not? You ain’t the first and won’t be the last to feel like that. For Daniela’s music is something that you just not want to admit to. You just don’t want to say that you ‘like’ or ‘love’ her music. And that’s because, if you admit to that, then you, in a sense is admitting that ‘others’ like it as well. Then from that, a slippery slope appears and you have competition for that DIY alt pop goodness that Daniela does so well.

Are you insane for thinking in that kind of way? Nope.

But maybe a bit psychopath-ish??


Anywho, that’s what ‘Trying’ does this time around, and it’s a doozy.

Daniela’s path to writing is a soul healing path to existence. Might not get there fully, but there MUST be a start to that end. And from past insecurities and mental hardships, she defines again for herself, where and how she will live in this life.

‘Trying’ digs into her religious upbringing, leaving the church, and at the same time, dealing with the new questions of not being associated, any longer, with the life she knew.

Love it?

We do.



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