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Austin Awake // TxTHEWAY // Donnie Green // BeWell // Joey BASE

Austin Awake – Design

Looking at the gaze from the girl he’d hurt, he paused at the way he’d become so uncaring. How did he become this nasty? He paused in deep thought as continued to watch her cry in front of him, with unwavering streams of tears. He’d hurt her deeply, when he’d told her that he didn’t want to be with her any longer. She was devoted to him, he knew that. But things change, he said to himself in disappointment of himself. “I make a mess of things. Always.” AUSTIN AWAKE makes a delicate dip into an airy attitude with ‘Design’. The producer makes his way towards the front and guides us to another, exhilarating excerpt.

TxTHEWAY – Enemies

TxTHEWAY brings slow burn fire in this single ‘Enemies’. The Broward County, Florida rapper, stylizes with consistent low bass pop, with a broad and heavenly depiction of his personal stories. ‘Enemies’ is a straight out, knock ’em out street fight of a ‘love song’ – an empathetic call to arms for triumphs of the coming future.

Donnie Green – Colorway

Based in Melbourne, Australia. He is in the rap game. He dusts off his competition with sound experiments and lots of gumption. And in ‘Colorway’, his cloud-hop grunge is evident and locks him into this dimension of twists and leverages. It’s a purple world, when the hues of the world, turns in advancement of personal growth. At least that’s the plan. Starting in 2017, DONNIE GREEN, released singles and showcased his interesting style to the masses. His plot continues.

BeWell – Be Like That

Brandon Sewell is BeWell, and the Augusta, Georgia born musician and rapper, takes off the nasty mask of the world, through the grinding of his art. The talented pop and rapper, produces with the kind of care and ‘love’ we don’t see too much. But there’s no surprise in the direction of his production, for he seamlessly crosses from pop and rap, with ease and decadence. We don’t know what’s next for BeWell, but we know he’ll surprise us when that time comes.

Joey BASE – Sliding

JOEY BASE comes at us with ‘Sliding’. A soft-core grime game, with trap-house elements, which catches your musical eye, and doesn’t want you to let go.
Voluntary reciprocation? Probably. It’s okay though, because it’s a slow burn of words, and it will catch. With references to his upbringing and his adult years, he takes buoyancy to another level of glitz, even if you don’t want it or not. Take the pill. Close your eyes. Look for another single soon from the 27 year old London based rapper.


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