Austin Carr ‘For Once and for Her’ : Strength is in acceptance and courage to make better.

Austin Carr

“I wrote the song while still in the closet and hooking up with a straight guy in secret,” said Austin Carr. “He was starting to date a girl who had no idea that I existed. After spending a lot of time feeling dirty and used, watching them grow closer and closer while still hooking up with the guy, I decided to take myself out of that toxic situation…So this song is really written for her.”

Life teaches as it rolls along. We may get steamrolled into submission, or stuck in a longing for bliss that may or may not be realized. But we do, after all, go on. Austin’s single is that lesson learned, in an exciting predicament that was passionate, all the same. But in a blink of an eye, Austin decided not to go that route. It was more than he’d imagined he’d become. He’d not want to betray another human being.

Strength is in acceptance and courage to make better. Weakness is in pursuit of the same, and convening within the confines of the past.

Austin Carr is a indie pop singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. In addition to music, he is also an actor and model with Mavrick Artists Agency. ‘Imaginary Boy’ is his debut EP (out now).


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