Austin Strange // Sondrey // La Felix // Wildwood Kin // Leonie Sherif

Austin Strange – Elevator

Toronto based singer/songwriter AUSTIN STRANGE’s vocals are something to behold. Soaring, uplifting, confident, honest, and non-pretentious Austin’s expressions come with all of the pop induction we’d come to expect. For 2019, his sights are higher than ever and will be seeking new stages of his career to bloom. On October 21st, his new self titled album will drop.

Sondrey – Into The Night

SONDREY is Sondre M. Nystroem. The Norweigian r&b/soul singer/songwriter does it right. In ‘Into The Night’, sultry vibes are coated with decadent empathy and accessibility. Lyrics enabling the emotional contracts we come to sign when going into a relationship. Love, hate, everything in the middle – with SONDREY’s vocals, there’s nothing that can’t be achieved.

La Felix – Past Life (Feat. Bonnydeon)

Classic, rhythmic, and smooth, the pop offering of LA FELIX’ ‘Past Life’ is a delight back to an arguably glorified days of a past decade of r&b/soul pop. Collaboration with Bonnydeon’s vocals is a purified exertion of vies and colors. LA FELIX stated: “What started out as an Instagram conversation between Bonny & I grew into something new and refreshing.The song had a sense of longing and sadness to it. She did a great job in capturing that feeling/vibe with her lyrics”. Out on Sidekick Music.

Wildwood Kin – Beauty In Your Brokenness

Made up of family members, Emillie Key, Beth Key, and Meghann Loney, the beauty does exude from the trio. “Have you heard about kintsugi?” asked WILDWOOD KIN. “It is a Japanese art where they take broken pottery and put it back together using lacquer, dusted with gold and silver powder, to make a unique piece of art with intricate patterns only the brokenness creates. It is a reminder that our imperfections, mishaps and tragedies shape us and make us who we are.” The trio’s self titled sophomore album drops 4th of October and with vocals as sumptuous as they present, it’ll be a great way into the holiday season.

Leonie Sherif – Ice Cold

“Not just a friend. But something devious.” That is what LEONIE SHERIF’s single ‘Ice Cold’ is all about. Well at least it’s how we should be when things don’t go down as we’d planned. And sometimes regarding a significant other, sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. The strength and unobtrusive valor that Leonie shares within her vocals and production, exemplifies the vibes of what modern pop r&b/soul could be. Layered in multiplicity of visions and hues, they bombard your senses thoroughly. Hailing from East London/Essex, singer/songwriter LEONIE SHRIF crosses many genres to come to a conclusion that is wholly her own.

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