Austin Waz ‘Broken Arrow (Paradise)’ : A resolute vulnerability where subtlety becomes strength.

Austin Waz

From his newest EP ‘Low Stress’, comes the single ‘Broken Arrow (Paradise)’ with chills of vocal animation and psychedelic aura for a new kind of gratitude. A willing rendition for the champion in all, a redemptive quality in story telling, surges effortlessly through Austin Waz’s guitar preludes.

Said Austin: “The world needs more psych-rock engrained in broader socio-political & spiritual reflections, so I give you Broken Arrow. The core of this song articulates the universal notion that due to the interconnectedness of all things, all beings are actually just one enormous singularly functioning organism, and therefore we are actually alone. It’s so western to be bummed out by this ‘being alone’ concept, but this song embraces that fact.”

A tribal call to arms and everything that might come with it, a view for the future is always a vision of the now. And from that notion, sprouts, incandescently and remarkably, a resolute vulnerability where subtlety becomes strength.

Austin’s anthem, rises to take hold.


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