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AutomatoN shares ‘Re-programming’ off of upcoming new EP ‘1979’.

AutomatoN will release ‘1979’, a new 4-song digital EP featuring the single ‘Re-Programming’. Yes. ‘Re-Programming’. Very relatable title from current political scenarios, no? Right. No talking politics at the family table. One thing’s for sure, though, the single is fascinating.

They call it ‘cyber-driven metal series for the upcoming EP “exploring the concept of faulty robots living with humans…. AutomatoN finds itself on a new wave/ebm trajectory with 1979.”


“AutomatoN gives a nod to an era where electronic music experienced real innovation but keeps his own stamp as well. Given the shift in direction between the previous release, Sub Coma and 1979, I think it will be an interesting trip to see where AutomatoN takes us next.” –

‘Nuff said?

We think so.

Let the take over begin.

‘1979’ will be released on February 27 in digital-only format. Download the single “Re-Programming” via Bandcamp now.

They’re rep’ed by Machine Man Records, working hard out of New Jersey.



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