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Avalanche Party Presents ‘Porcelain’.

North Yorkshire band, Avalanche Party is about to head out on the This Feeling UK tour, and in the meantime, we can live vicariously through their latest single ‘Porcelain’- which is a damning turn of events for any significant other (or any acquaintances) who deviate from being true to the ones they hang with. Don’t be cruel, don’t be a jerk – it’ll just bite you later on.

And, oh boy, ‘Porcelain’ sure flash those virtual ‘grills’ of its message, loud and clear.

Improperly the oaks in the forest, shimmered with dew of the morning sunlight.
Festering the creatures abound in and around the sultry air of the dampness.
Illuminating the flashes of genius, each being can muster.
Preventing the decrepit foresight, dimming and refocusing time and wonton wishes.

It’s not hard to imagine the band ‘lives’ during live performances.

The punk fever pitched performance style of the band is intense in its fire, with notes that legitimately beckon the listener to ‘listen’ more – deeply and intently. The purpose of the tool of a musical diddy, becomes ‘Porcelain’ and tries to speak to our dear most untouched parts of our rock being.

We could see them doing this song and pacing up and down, sideways, on a concert stage – like a caged tiger. No?


Anywho, check them out in their next venue appearance, if you can. We can’t because, well, we’re in the U.S.

LOL. We’ll live through you.

Buy [HERE]

The band consists of: Jordan Bell, Jared Thorpe, Kane Waterfield, Joe Bell, and Glen Adkins.

Kudos guys. Kudos.

They’re rep’ed by Clue Records.


(**This Feeling tour)
11th Mar – Brighton Hope & Ruin
16th Mar – Birmingham Sunflower Lounge
17th Mar – Leicester The Scholar**
31st Mar – Nottingham Bodega
5th Apr – Cardiff The Moon**
6th Apr – Bristol Mother’s Ruin**
7th Apr – London, Water Rats**
14th Apr – Leeds Lending Room**
20th Apr – Manchester Jimmy’s**
21st Apr – Sheffield Cafe Totem**
27th Apr – Glasgow Broadcast**
28th Apr – Edinburgh Sneaky Pete’s**
23rd Jun – Stockton Georgian Theatre
30th Aug – Electric Fields Festival, Scotland


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