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Avalanche Party Reveal New ‘Porcelain’ Video.

The punk fever pitched performance style of the band is intense in its fire, with notes that legitimately beckon the listener to ‘listen’ more – deeply and intently. The purpose of the tool of a musical diddy, becomes ‘Porcelain’ and tries to speak to our dear most untouched parts of our rock being.

And now, Avalanche Party released the accompanying video for the single.


“This is pure method acting. In an attempt to capture the hard psychosis created from desperately wanting something out of your control, the subject locked himself in a bare room and stayed awake for eight days straight on a diet of Quickfire Long-Lasting Firelighters and Cif Cream Cleaner. Here are the results”

I’ll buy you food.
I’ll pay for your car.
I’ll bring you flowers in a Porcelain jar.
What does it mean? Who can say for sure.
Who can look into the madness of longing with clear eyes and keen perception.
The wheel’s spinning round but this Hamster has long gone.

See CHF’s original review of single [HERE]


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