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awakebutstillinbed Joins Tiny Engines. Latest LP available digitally now.

Awakebutstillinbed (ABSIB) debut album ‘What people call low self​-​esteem is really just seeing yourself the way that other people see you’ comes down to a giant question: ‘Why have you done this to me?’. It’s a giant question because, it’s very much a diabolically difficult question to quench. Especially when life puts up stanchions in your path, strung up, one by one. They may have velvet red and soft dividers, but taking them down means being innovatively urgent. Life’s a hard game, sometimes.

We guess that’s part of the inescapable x-factor they saw in the band, when Tiny Engines signed them up.

We get it.

And we become kinda teary-eyed when partnerships happen this way.

ABSIB is certainly highlighted by other publication. And with good cause.

It’s certainly a thumbs up on our side, as well.

They are not the normal complacent EMO alt-rock band. There’s one more layer. And sometimes, that is all that is needed to be quenched.

Let’s move along life, together, shall we?

Congrats gang! Forza! For your new chapter with the folks at Tiny Engines!


Upcoming Tour Dates:

  • 3/08 santa cruz CA @ subrosa
  • 3/09 upland CA @ palisades
  • 3/10 phoenix AZ @ the lunchbox
  • 3/11 albuquerque NM @ gold house
  • 3/12 dallas TX @ threelinks
  • 3/13 houston TX @ house show
  • 3/14 denton TX @ killer’s tacos
  • 3/15 austin TX @ phluff showcase
  • 3/16 austin TX @ bassethound collective showcase
  • 3/17 austin TX @ mutual friends fest
  • 3/19 el paso TX @ cafe tolteca
  • 3/20 tempe AZ @ secret garden, ASU
  • 3/21 fullerton CA @ programme skate


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