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AWAZE Drive Us Insane With The Outrageously Cool Single ‘Hangin’ On’.

Yes. Fall head over heels with that drum intro. Then fall in love with lust, with the harmonized vocals, tune to the ‘rotten-to-the-core’ punk pace.

Making love to a song. Is that possible?

Yes. It is possible.

One night stand? Hope not.

Long term relationship? Hope so.

The intensity is as fervent and ravenous with this single ‘Hangin’ On’ by this equally intense and ravenous trio made up of Jonna Löfgren (Glasvegas, Hurula, Krunegård, etc.), Olof Domeij (Anna Ternheim, Ola Salo, etc) and frontman Simon Zion. The three gangster trounce heavy pop-rock chords, manipulating them for consumption, but framed in a classic song construction that is both desirable, and delectable.

Last November the band released their debut single ‘Pour A Little Love’ – a song that also has a unique niche for itself.

One thing’s for sure, with the guitar chops, classic rock habits, and exuberant pop energies, the band is on its way again to keep the momentum at 100 miles per hour.

The band is a breath of fresh air, and has a lot of kicking-butt to do.

Look for great things in 2019.



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